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Commissioning and Start-up.


We perform the commissioning and start-up of a non-radioactive densimeter SDM for iron ore slurry at Arcelor Mittal Serra Azul, this application allowed the online density measurement of the entire slurry.  ore leaving the thickener, thus ensuring the best possible online control of the process.

We at Yellow had to overcome the challenge of applying the instrument in the smallest available physical space, which we were able to do with mastery!

The non-Radioactive densimeter SDM allows for a simple installation and quick configuration, without the need for special permissions to work as little as severe interventions in the process. Another significant point that we thought was to place the densimeter at a point that could measure for two independent lines, thus reducing the acquisition cost.

As the output of the thickener has two pumps repressing the process, the best solution was to direct the instrument before the derivation, thus allowing the parallel use of the pumps, as well as the unique use of each one of them.

The pulp in question is iron ore, containing a percentage of 45% solids with a continuous operating regime.

The instrument calibration was a success, as well as its performance during the process.

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