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Yellow Solutions was born in 2014 with the proposal to bring technological innovations to Brazil to optimize the mineral beneficiation process. We study the needs of each client, individually, to ensure successful applications. In view of this philosophy, we remain focused on the main trends of innovations in the sector. We go step-by-step with our partners in Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands and the USA, recognized as exponents in the mining market.

Concerned with environmental issues, our technologies are free of radioactive waste, sustainable (very low MTBF) and, above all, safe. We work with new technologies and, thus, we avoid exposing our customers and friends to the risks of radioactive contamination.

We brought to Brazil innovative solutions with high technological impact.
Our solutions are present in the main beneficiation plants in Brazil, such as VALE, KINROSS, YAMANA GOLD, ANGLO GOLD ASHANTI, SAMARCO, ANGLO AMERICAN, among others.

Despite of our products origin be foreing we have trained professionals at all tecnologies and we give local support without restrictions with the advantage of counting with international experience from the suppliers that provides to the most several process in the principals minings in Brazil and the world. This Know How set us beyond provide the technical assistance, to perform a consultancy helping ours clientes to apply the principals iniciatives to process improvements at the international forefront.

SEDE Yellow Solutions
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